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Ryan Hursh

Ryan describes himself as efficient
Ryan believes Zernco is emergent

Ryan Hursh values efficiency. From an early age, he was able to gain experience through construction trades that helped instill a passion for the industry. This passion runs in Ryan’s blood. His father worked in construction and he has a brother who is currently in the industry.

He grew up in Lowry City, Missouri, a small town outside of Clinton, where he was the valedictorian of his high school class. His interests then guided him to Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where he studied and spent his summers applying skills in construction before graduating with a degree in Construction Management. Upon graduation, Ryan worked at a large general contractor for seven years before joining Zernco in 2013.

With now over a decade of experience in the industry, Ryan has learned that proper management requires an attention to detail that most may overlook. As a senior project and client manager at Zernco, he has established himself as a vital piece to the organization. Ryan’s ability to concentrate his efforts successfully across various projects and clients defines his efficiency and value to the company.

Ryan currently resides outside of El Dorado, Kansas, with his wife and 4-year old son. He is an avid fan of the Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, and Missouri Tigers, and enjoys watching as many games as possible. He also loves to be outdoors, with hobbies that include hunting, fishing, and golfing, as well as scuba diving, which has led to many exciting trips to his favorite vacation spot, the Caribbean.

Overall, Ryan enjoys the family atmosphere and flexibility that Zernco provides. He believes Zernco is an emerging force in the industry and this emergence is directly linked to the ability to communicate effectively with clients to ensure a quality collaboration on projects. This commitment is summarized by one of Ryan’s favorite quotes, which states,

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”