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Ashley Thill

Ashley describes herself as a motivator
Ashley believes Zernco is multi-faceted

There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and upon that build partnerships and alliances that create forward momentum to realize optimum outcomes. Ashley Thill, Zernco’s CEO, is one of those people and achieving results through collaboration, partnerships and relationships are who she is.

Ashley’s training and experience come through her fifteen years in investments and insurance. She dedicated much of her time to operations and business development within the financial industry. She believes that all successful businesses focus on relationships and is passionate about helping others grow.

As a college student, Ashley worked in Zernco’s accounting and construction services departments. She returned to her business roots in 2009 when she again joined the family business as vice-president. In 2012 Ashley became majority owner of Zernco. With her more than twenty years of involvement in Zernco coupled with her fifteen years in the financial industry, Ashley is skilled in identifying business opportunities and developing profitable market strategies. Ashley believes in harnessing the unique abilities of those with whom she has surrounded herself to consistently improve operational efficiency. She is perpetually looking to expand the business to serve our clients in greater ways.

Ashley is happily married to Scott Thill and is looking forward to the next fifty years together. She is the mother of five children (one son and four daughters). She enjoys the outdoors, painting and photography. The office mascot, a Boxer named Z-Dog, is Ashley’s side-kick.