Slim Chickens

W. Monroe, LA


The Slim Chickens, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is expanding its footprint. Zernco was contacted to help them expand into the Louisana market. The Zernco team was excited to receive the call for this new prototype. Slim Chickens combines fast food with fast-casual dining. The Zernco team built the front counter where customers order. Slim Chickens’ employees bring out their order, refill drinks and clean tables which is atypical for a fast food chain. Slim Chickens restaurants play blues music to make customers feel welcome. Zernco also installed a community table at the center of the restaurant designed for large gatherings and for people to socialize. Despite the excessive amount of rain, double their typical yearly rainfall during this project, the Zernco team was able to complete the project in 16 weeks.

New Construction
Sq. Footage:
3982 SF
16 weeks