Red Lobster

Topeka, KS


This project was one of many the Zernco team completed for this client during the Red Lobster re-brand and remodel program. Red Lobster was going back to its roots which included a focus on quality and specifically lobster. As part of this program, upgrading existing facilities to accommodate current diners’ preferences was a key focus.

The Zernco team completed both an interior and exterior remodel which included new siding, sidewalks, parking lot repairs, floor tile, interior wall coverings, furniture, and renovated restroom and bar area. Overcoming the one project challenge included the deteriorating concrete walkway around the parameter of the building, which was becoming a major safety issue. This was fixed during the remodel along with replacing the decking and railings while keeping the restaurant open and safe for customers.

Sq. Footage:
4983 SF
7 weeks