Pepperjax Grill

Iowa City, IA


This Pepperjax Grill is located in a historical building in the heart of downtown Iowa City and is a quick casual, regional restaurant that specializes in Philly steaks and prides itself on patrons ordering straight from the grill cook. Initially thought to be a standard tenant build out, after demo began, the Zernco team realized the floors and walls needed to be completely redone and restored. While this was beyond the initial scope of work, the Zernco team adapted and was excited to restore the historical building back to the original look and feel.

The Pepperjax Grill restaurant tenant finish included dining areas, serving area, lobby, a kitchen, offices, and public restrooms. Dividers separating the dining areas from the food ordering/serving lines were custom built by the team. Stained horizontal car siding faces the food service sides while metal panels framed with black painted diamond battens faces the dining area sides. Each divider houses diamond-shaped windows etched with a trademark pepper in the center as well as specialty light fixtures and sconces.

The Zernco team continues to provide quality service on various Pepperjax Grills across the Midwest, and is always willing to go above and beyond the initial plan. Collaborating with the design team and the owner is Zernco’s objective.

Sq. Footage:
2405 SF
12 weeks