Wichita, KS


Unexpected accidents can happen at any time and Haverty’s experienced the worst of it when a waterline broke during the fall of 2017. What initially seemed like a faulty valve break quickly developed into 100 PSI of water lifting concrete foundations, walls cracking, and muddy sand mixture flooding electrical floor boxes. When Zernco arrived on the scene it was determined that a full remodel would be necessary to save the store. With a very tight schedule set by Haverty’s to have the store remodeled and prepped for an opening before Black Friday, Zernco went to work fixing all the damage. Despite running into several unforeseen obstacles such as the fire system being discovered as out of code Zernco was able to finish the remodel with two days to spare. Thanks to the effort brought by multiple superintendents, work crews, and all of our current interns Haverty’s reported that Zernco’s efforts in the remodel led to their first week of opening experiencing a 25% increase in sales as compared to last year.

Sq. Footage:
53508 SF
13 weeks