Hesston, KS


As a long time client, Casey’s contacted Zernco to start on an ambitious project to build the largest Casey’s yet in Hesston, Kansas. They planned on creating a brand new model of Casey’s that would feature four 30,000 gallon fuel tanks, double the standard amount fuel that most gas stations held, while at the same time leaving the old store open to continue business as usual. This required special diligence and coordination as Zernco had to ensure that cars and semi trucks had ample room to drive around while slowly replacing all of the parking lot and driveway. To put the parking lot and driveway in perspective the first pouring of concrete alone had the same square footage as the entire parking lot of the old standard¬†Casey’s model. Even with the challenges Zernco excelled and was able to ensure the project was completed in time and with no major interruptions to store operations.

New Construction
Sq. Footage:
7800 SF
39 weeks