Why I’m Thankful for Zernco

By Dana C.

November is a month where I reflect on all that I am thankful for.  One thing I am extremely thankful for is a great job.  As some of you may know, I decided to go back to college this semester.  In my public speaking class we had to give a value persuasive speech.  This is when you try to persuade your audience why something is good, better or best.  My speech below was about why Zernco is the best place to work.

What things would you consider criteria for a good job?  In a survey of HR professionals, it was said that the top two things employees want are to feel valued and appreciated and to feel “in the know” (basically good communication). Well, imagine yourself going to work every day where you feel valued and appreciated, you feel “in the know”, and you have fun at work. I am an employee of Zernco, and I am here to tell you that Zernco is the best place to work.  Today I am going to talk about the criteria for a good job, and I am going to talk about why I believe Zernco exceeds the criteria for a good job.

My first point is the criteria for a good job.  One criterion for a good job would be salary and benefits. You would want a job that had a salary that would sustain your lifestyle.  You would also hope that picture1your employer would have a good benefits package including things like health insurance and a retirement  plan.

My second point is why Zernco exceeds the criteria for a good job.  First, Zernco offers excellent salary and benefits to their employees.  Zernco typically pays above average salaries across the board.  Zernco also offers employer paid health coverage, which is a significant benefit.  Zernco also offers a retirement savings account for their employees.  Another criterion is to feel valued and appreciated.  I believe Zernco does an exceptional job of making their employees feel valued and appreciated.  I have a picture of all the ladies in the office with a gift of appreciation from all the guys in the office.  I believe the Zernco newsletter also highlights excellent work and employees.  Zernco also offers awards to employees who show excellence. There are quarterly and yearly employee awards.  Awards are also given to employees to exemplify excellence in our core qualities such as Quality, Integrity and Safety.  Another criterion to consider is work that is challenging or makes a difference.  Our industry is facing a shortage of employees.  In an online blog by Mike Padgett, Arizona Notebook, Mike interviewed a Chairman and Chief Executive of Arizona based construction company Sundt Construction.    Doug Pruitt was quoted as saying, “We’re losing our workforce.  Guys like me are retiring.  Young people aren’t coming into it.  We’re not graduating people from high schools with skills like we did 40 years ago.”  Well Zernco recruits at a high school level.  We are just trying to get young people interested in our field. Zernco recruits at both high school and college level.  Another way that Zernco is making a difference is working with area organizations such as the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and the Associated General Contractors.

We work with these organizations to tackle issues that are facing both our community and industry.  Zernco was also listed on Inc. magazine’s 5000 list which is the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America.  Zernco also loves giving back to the community.  Each year Zernco employees select a charity that we will sponsor during the year.  We raise funds for the charity.  Employees are also allowed time off to volunteer.

My last criterion is good communication.  Zernco has several outlets for communication.  We have an employee portal where we can quickly and effectively communicate information between the office and the field.  There is also a place on the portal for anonymous comments.  Zernco has quarterly all-employee meetings where everyone in the company is gathered and we share important information going on within the company.  From time to time we have the opportunity for fun at these meetings, like the time when we all went to play paintball or when we have had special speakers come and share information. Zernco also has weekly meetings at each jobsite. These meetings are with the site superintendent to communicate schedules, safety expectations and performance on the job.  There are also pre and post project meetings where areas of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats are discussed.  I believe all of these criterion are why Zernco is the best place to work.