On the Road Again

Contribution by Don C. – Introduction to a new monthly segment focusing on mentoring and safety

I plan on visiting every Zernco Job Site over the next few weeks. I started in Brownsville, Texas and am working my way through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and then Illinois. The purpose for the road trip is two-fold.

First, I will be doing a Safety Audit of the job sites, and will share my findings as well as the implementation of the new online safety report.

Second, I will be meeting with Zernco teammates to discuss preferences for potential commercial construction training. So far, blueprint reading has been identified as a Zernco priority and I will be announcing the date of this training at the employee meeting.

Murphy's Brownville

Both will build a consensus on how to move forward with making our job sites safer and safety planning more effective, while still meeting our production schedules.

Currently, we have 8 mentors trained and ready for the mentorship program with 6 to 8 more who will soon join the team. The future is looking bright for the training program and I am looking forward to visiting with each of you as I follow the Zernco team around the country. It is exciting to see how many job sites we have with many more planned in the future.

Future news articles will feature our superintendents and their many accomplishments. I will also be looking for words of wisdom from our skilled craftsmen.

Each person is doing their part to produce the high quality product that builds the Zernco reputation as an excellent commercial construction company.