Zernco Announced As Wendy’s Preferred Building Partner

Wendys-Group-PicIn late June, Lon Dominick, Scott Marko, and Kyle Tormey attended the Wendy’s Conference held in Ohio. While there, they were introduced to Wendy’s preferred architects who design all Wendy’s buildings throughout the United States. They also had the opportunity to meet the regional directors of Wendy’s construction department.

One of the most exciting things they learned was that Wendy’s is planning a huge expansion of 1,000 new stores over the next 4 years. They are also planning a large number of remodels. As a Preferred Building Partner, this will afford us many opportunities to work with Wendy’s corporate offices.

The knowledge gained about Wendy’s best practices and the additional information gathered about their Image Activation Program will prove invaluable as we continue to develop this client relationship.